Project Title Primary Supervisor Secondary Supervisor
3D Printing Bioengineered Muscle Dominic Wells Richard Day
A 3D Stem Cell Bandage For Bone Repair Shukry James Habib Alvaro Mata
A comparative study of Eimeria organelle proteins using spatial proteomics and machine learning Dong Xia Fiona Tomley
A Genetic System to Study Clonal Interactions in the Brain Paulo Ribeiro Yanlan Mao
A multi-species, multi-scale approach to understanding how attention modulates sound processing during active listening Jennifer Bizley Fred Dick
A multidisciplinary view of the mechanics of the myosin S1-S2 junction in health and disease Mark Pfuhl Arianna Fornili
A systems-epigenomics approach to cancer risk prediction Andrew Teschendorff Martin Widschwendter
Advancing neuronal regeneration using genetically modified cell lines Ivan Wall Parmjit Jat
Allosteric modulation of pentameric neurotransmitter-gated ion channels Neil Millar Maya Topf
Antibiotic decision support using wearable technology in acute medicine Mahdad Noursadeghi Richard Dobson
Assembly of cell-scale maps of craniofacial development processes Julia Schnabel Jeremy Green
Bayesian statistical inference of species divergences through time Mario dos Reis Ziheng Yang
Bifunctional rhodamines for in-situ protein orientation Andre Cobb Yin-Biao Sun
Boredom and the beast: neural and behavioural markers of perceived sensory monotony in animals Charlotte Burn Jennifer Bizley
Building the cilium with ATP-driven molecular motors Anthony Roberts Carolyn Moores
Cell and structural biology of human DNA repair and RNA viral restriction proteins: REAF and BLIZ1 Aine McKnight Richard Pickersgill
Characterisation of undefined classes of regulatory contacts of gene promoters across the human genome. Cameron Osborne Borbala Mifsud
Characterising the within-host population dynamics of cytomegalovirus with longitudinal deep sequencing Judith Breuer Richard Goldstein
Closed-loop optogenetic manipulation of visually evoked gamma oscillations Dimitri M. Kullmann Aman Saleem
Combining autologous stem cell technology and computational modelling for the development of novel nerve repair approaches Rebecca Shipley James Phillips
Combining next-generation sequencing and CRISPR/Cas9 Genome editing to unravel genetic variation in host cell preference and invasion in malaria parasites Robert Mood Susana Campino
Compartmentalisation driven amyloid assembly Lilia Milanesi Roland Fleck
CompuBee: A computational model for integrative epigenetics analysis in the honeybee Paul J. Hurd Robert A. Lowe
Computerized analysis and modeling of temporal and spatial cell signaling Paul Fromme Stéphanie Kermorgant
Computing the biology of mitochondrial pathways in cellular degeneration Michelangelo Campanella Gyorgy Szabadkai
Consequences of IFITM expression on the physico-chemical properties of cellular membranes Isabel Llorente-Garcia Mark Marsh
Controlling muscle function of stem-cell derived myofibres with optogenetic probes Ivo Lieberam Wenhui Song
Creating Novel Adhesives from genetically programmed directional splicing of recombinantly produced protein modules. Ewan Main James Garnett
Deciphering host and bacterial factors affecting Streptococcus pneumoniae interactions with its host, an ageing dependent susceptibility. Jeremy Brown Laurent Bozec
Decoding and characterisation of anti-leishmanial drug efficacy determinants’ Sam Alsford Matthew Rogers
Deep sequencing meets deep learning: Capturing dynamic features of lymph node antibody repertoires using convolution neural networks Adrian Shepherd Anita Grigoriadis
Defining the role of laminin 332 in skin barrier formation Edel O’Toole Maddy Parsons
Defining the role of mitochondrial calcium in sensory processing in vivo Roland Fleck Sarah Flatters
Delivery of disease responsive gene vectors with peptide targeted nanocomplexes Stephen Hart David Gould
Design and Characterisation of Antimicrobial peptides Robert Janes Bonnie Wallace
Determining how a novel complex promotes tumour growth, by protecting an iron-sulphur cluster from cancer-associated oxidative stress. Barry Panaretou Annalisa Pastore
Developing a novel Super-Resolution approach combined with Light Sheet Microscopy to uncover the basis of T-cell signaling synapse formation Ricardo Henriques Dylan Owen
Developing AI-enhanced continuous monitoring of individual locomotor dynamics to detect shifts in poultry behaviour, health and welfare in group housing Siobhan Abeyesinghe Monica Daley
Developing novel experimental and in silico models for inhaled xenobiotic retention in the lungs Ben Forbes Rebecca Shipley
Development and application of novel mitochondrial imaging technologies in the nervous system Joseph Bateman Michael Duchen
Development of computational methods for the discovery of bacterial RNA regulators of gene expression Irilenia Nobeli Kristine Arnvig
Development of in vivo chemical cross-linking mass spectrometry approaches to study protein complexes in situ Konstantinos Thalassinos Maya Topf
Development of targeted and sustained anti-scarring/anti-fibrosis drug delivery in the eye Maryse Bailly Richard Day
Diffusion and structural MR histology: new high-resolution MR imaging methodologies for quantitative mapping of cortical organisation during development. Flavio Dell’Acqua Gary Zhang
DNA origami nanostructures as molecular rulers to measure membrane thickness Ulrike Eggert Stefan Howorka
Dynamic enhancer function in neurons and microglia and its role in healthy aging Stephen McMahon Jordana Bell
Dynamics and control of formation flight Alan Wilson Jim Usherwood
Ecoevolutionary dynamics of the microbiome of vertebrate digestive systems Julia Day David Spratt
Elucidation of the molecular mechanisms by which in utero environment influences adult onset phenotypes and diseases in humans. Vardhman Rakyan Matt Silver
Enhancing the efficacy of topical antifungal nail medicines, by treating the individual fungus as well as the community of micro-organisms Sudaxshina Murdan Sanjib Bhakta
Epigenetic control of autonomic nervous system development in human infants Emily Jones Chloe Wong
Epigenetic regulators of haematopoietic stem cells and their role in clonal haematopoiesis and aging Elspeth Payne Kevin Bryson
Evaluating resilience to inherited genetic risk variants in infants Emma Meaburn Michael Simpson
Evolution and turnover of sex chromosomes Judith Mank Zihang Yang
Evolution of Foxg1 functions in brain development from Fish to Human Corinne Houart Ciro Chiappini
Evolution of neuropeptide signaling: finding the missing links Maurice Elphick Paola Oliveri
Evolution of social chromosomes in ants. Yannick Wurm Judith Mank
Evolutionary rewiring of cellular energy metabolism Snezhana Oliferenko Jürg Bähler
Fertility inhibition: a mechanism for curbing the spread of antibiotic resistance Joanne Santini Gabriel Waksman
Form, function, development and evolution of the kneecaps of marsupial mammals John Hutchinson Anjali Goswami
Functional analysis of novel phosphorylation-specific interactions of DNA damage response proteins Zuzana Horejsi Pedro Cutillas
Fundamentals of protein misfolding, Amyloid-beta (Aβ) assembly and Alzheimer’s disease John H. Viles Mark D. Baker
Gene-environment interactions in the context of ageing Filipe Cabreiro Kevin Bryson
Genes, brain, and behaviour in the cot: A twin study of infant development employing state of the art neuropsychological assessment Angelica Roland Pasco Fearon
Genetics of breed susceptibility to canine diabetes mellitus and insulinoma: From one extreme to the other. Brian Catchpole Lucy Davison
Habituation, Familiarity and Novelty Detection in the Auditory System: Assays to Interrogate Mechanisms of Cognition and Dysfunction in Neuro-developmental Disorder Samuel Cooke Daniel Bendor
Harnessing ancient DNA information content to infer evolutionary histories Garret Hellenthal Laurent Frantz
Healthy ageing: The role of biomolecular charge Patrick Mesquida Andela Saric
High-throughput quantification of cis-regulatory variants and modules using allele-specific expression across cellular environments Jun Wang Marc Mansour
How do genetic networks allow cells become different during development? Jonathan Chubb Chris Barnes
How the skeleton makes its shape: combining genetic and mathematical models Karen Liu Karen Page
Identification of carbohydrate based targets potentially preventing Theileria sporozoite infection of host cells Dirk Werling Helena Helmby
Imaging force-dependent cytoskeletal dynamics in tumour cells Susan Cox Maddy Parsons    
Imaging mitochondrial metabolism in the retina by near-infrared spectroscopy – a window to understanding neurological disease Kenneth Smith Ilias Tachtsidis
Imaging the coupling between ion-channel conformational change and gating. Mark Wallace Bonnie Wallace
Impact of environmental and socio-economic change on malaria ecology in the Amazon Rainforest Rachel Lowe Kate Jones
Impact of Hedgehog signalling on the T cell receptor (TCR) repertoire Tessa Crompton Benny Chain
In vivo and in silico analyses of biomechanics during epithelial morphogenesis in a vertebrate brain Jon Clarke Ryo Torii
Information processing in a neural circuit that links food to lifespan and ageing using automated microscopy in C. elegans QueeLim Ch'ng Chris Barnes
Inhibition of the soluble Epoxide Hydrolase by diet-derived lipid electrophiles: a combined biochemical and live-cell FTIR study. Ka Lung Andrew Chan Maria (Sasi) Conte
Innate immune signalling pathways in metabolic ageing Lazaros Foukas Pedro R. Cutillas
Integrative structural modelling using restraints derived from mass spectrometry Maya Topf Konstantinos Thalassinos
Investigating how genome size interacts with nitrogen and phosphorus to impact crop productivity AR Leitch A Ruban
Investigating the influence of copy number genetic variants on human brain connectivity and cognition. Elvira Bramon Frank Dudbridge
Investigating the role of siderophore transporters in Mycobacterium tuberculosis as alternative route to combat antibiotic resistance Daniele Castagnolo Sanjib Bhakta
Linking ER function with lysosomal disease Sara Mole Sandip Patel
Live Imaging communication through fibroblastic networks – lessons from neuronal circuits Sophie Acton Andrew MacAskill
Lung surfactant under attack – new ways to study lipids and proteins at the air-water interface Katherine Thompson Nicholas Keep
Magnetically actuated hydrogels: A revolutionary platform for tissue engineering Marc-Olivier Coppens Richard Day
Mammalian and avian genomes: earthquakes and stability Denis Larkin Judith Mank
Mapping genetic susceptibility to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in cats and assessing their utility as a disease study model Virginia Luis Fuentes Androniki Psifidi
Measuring blood oxygenation in vivo by photoacoustic imaging Ben Cox David Long
Measuring brain development throughout the lifetime without motion corruption David Carmichael Fred Dick
Micro-optics of bacterial cells Conrad Mullineaux Alan R. Lowe
Microscopic diffusion anisotropy imaging Daniel Alexander Chris Clark
MiniBrains: NanoBionic Interface to dissect neuronal network activity in 3D cortical organoids Ciro Chiappini     Rickie Patani    
Minimal molecular switches and clocks Attila Csikász-Nagy Chris Barnes
Modelling of the inner ear mechanics and experimental characterization of its mechanical properties Torsten Marquardt Núria Gavara
Modelling the impact of One Health interventions against foodborne toxoplasmosis Martin Walker Joanne Webster
Molecular biology for the 21st century – engineering better tools, designing robust circuits Vitor B. Pinheiro Chris Barnes
Molecular imaging of tendinopathies with Raman spectroscopy Jay Dudhia Paul F McMillan
Molecular mechanism of Protein export by Plasmodium falciparum Andrew Osborne Konstantinos Thalassinos
Molecular zinc/iron interaction: understanding structure and function of zinc transporters Surjit Kaila Srai Wolfgang Maret
Multidisciplinary investigation of the role of sex hormone proteins in fibrotic lung disease Rivka Isaacson Joanna Porter
Naked Mole Rats: successful ageing through enhanced vascular structure and function? JK Cruickshank CG Faulkes
NDH: What is its role in Energy Metabolism and how does it work? A Biophysical and Cell Biology Investigation Guy Hanke Maxie M Roessler
Neural circuits directing escape in zebrafish and mice Samuel Solomon Caroline Brennan
Neural mechanisms for visual perception of speed during self-motion Aman Saleem Isabelle Mareschal
Neuronal Substrates of Perceptual Salience in the Auditory System Jennifer Linden Maneesh Sahani
New antibacterial polymers for reducing human infection Elaine Allan Alexander MacRobert
New Imaging to Model the mechanical drivers of osteoarthritis Andrew Pitsillides David Abraham
Non-invasive deep brain tumour phenotyping by integration of MRI radiomics, metabolomics, and (epi)genomic information Sotirios Bisdas Sebastian Ourselin
Novel cryogen free sensors for high resolution laminar-specific magnetoencephalography     Sven Bestmann Gareth Barnes
Novel data analysis approaches for cancer biomarker discovery John Timms Alexey Zaikin
Novel gene families encoded within apicomplexan Eimeria genomes: NGS, genetic and microscopic characterisation Damer Blake Fiona Tomley
Nutritional programming of lifespan Nazif Alic Jürg Bähler
Optochemical genetic control of bacterial porins through the use of azobenzene photoswitches Vijay Chudasama Paula Booth
Osteoderms – a novel biomineralization for biologically inspired engineering Mehran Moazen Susan Evans
Personalized profiling of gene regulatory changes during human cellular differentiation and development Alan Hodgkinson Helena Kilpinen
PK/PD-informed clinical breakpoint determination for colistin in chicken to limit emergence of resistance and improve One Health antimicrobial sustainability. Ludovic Pelligand Richard Stabler
Putting Humpty together again: Decoding brain networks during real-world processing Jeremy Skipper Lewis Griffin
Quantifying the effects of host resistance on avian influenza virus dynamics in poultry Camilla Benfield Javier Guitian
Rational formulation design of marine-derived sunscreens Majella E. Lane Paul Long
Recording single-molecule activity from ion channels with defined subunit composition Lucia Sivilotti Mark Wallace
Regeneration of the vascular network in whole organs for tissue engineering     Paolo De Coppi Nicola Elvassore
Regulation of protein quality control pathways, protein homeostasis, and long-term health by gut microbes Johnathan Labbadia Filipe Cabreiro
Role for the cross-talk between focal adhesion-TGF beta signalling in activating cellular senescence and ageing Ana O’Loghlen Martin Knight
Role of actomyosin organisation in tissue morphogenesis and repair Shiladitya Banerjee Yanlan Mao
Role of Ca2+ in neural crest migration during development Roberto Mayor Sandip Patel
Role of sand fly microbiota for Leishmania transmission and cutaneous infection. Matthew Rodgers Lisa Dawson
Roles of the hippocampus in pain processing Andrew MacAskill Liam Browne
Sensory experience and pre-configured networks in developing neural circuits for navigation Francesca Cacucci Tom Wills
Shaping the mammalian skull: modeling how species-specific shape of skeletal elements is generated during development and during evolution Abigail Tucker Anjali Goswami
Shedding light on the structure and regulation of yeast respiratory complex IV in isolation and in supercomplex using electron microscopy Amandine Maréchal Giulia Zanetti
Single-cell level analysis to uncover the transcriptional logic of development and function in the Drosophila thoracic nervous system. Darren Williams James Briscoe
Small molecule discovery for inhibition of the GEF-H1/RhoA pathway Edith Chan Maria Balda
Smart lipid vesicles to understand cell membrane adhesion Salvador Tomas Emmanuel Boucrot
Spatial and temporal integration of the actomyosin contractile machinery during tissue patterning Franck Pichaud Shiladitya Banerjee
Spatial constrains for regulation of synaptic neurotransmitter release in the central nervous system axons Kirill Volynski Pavel Novak
Sphingolipid Polar Heads: Hydrogen Bonding and Hydration Maria E. Sanz Chris Lorenz
Structural analysis of ligand binding sites on GABAA receptors Trevor Smart Maya Topf
Structure and function of phages revealed by cryo EM Elena Orlova Maya Topf
Sustainable life support for Martian and lunar exploration: genetic engineering and extra-terrestrial cultivation of the edible cyanobacterium Arthrospira platensis. Saul Purton Ian Crawford
Synaptosome on Chip (SyonChip): combining stem cell technologies, bioengineering and advanced molecular analysis to model the tripartite synapse in vitro Andrea Serio Rickie Patani
System level effect of aberrant light exposure. Alessio Delogu Anthony Vernon
Targeted radionuclide therapy: a new weapon in the war against microbial multi-drug resistance Phil Blower Vincenzo Abbate
Testing deworming strategies in a wild mammalian model system Sarah Knowles Martin Walker
The bacterial type II secretion system Richard Pickersgill Vidya Darbari
The development of organelle targeting small molecule probes for the detection of “free” zinc Mike Watkinson Christer Hogstrand
The economic and ecological value of social wasps: from food security to natural environments Seirian Sumner Elizabeth Clare
The effect of lipid composition on the mechanostransduction of individual live cells Sergi Garcia-Manyes Ulrike Eggert
The effects of selective attention training on sound processing in the brain and listening in everyday life Adam Tierney Maria Chait
The genetic basis of antimicrobial resistance in Gram-negative bacteria Francois Balloux Joanne Santini
The in vivo bioimaging using PET (positron emission tomography) to determine the delivery of novel cancer therapeutic constructs Nguyen TK Thanh Rafael T. M. de Rosales
The origins of heredity in the emergence of living systems Nick Lane Andrew Pomiankowski
The push and pull of cell mechanics: defining a new mechanotransduction pathway regulating cellular interactions with the extracellular environment. Angus Cameron Núria Gavara
The relationship between somatic structural alteration of the genome and healthy ageing Trevor Graham Chris Barnes
The role of bile salts in digestion and working towards reducing fat intake Peter Ellis Cecile A. Dreiss
The role of exosomes in regulating blood vessel calcification Isabel Orriss Chantal Chenu
The role of HIV capsid in infection dynamics Richard Goldstein Greg Towers
The role of rare codons in determining correct folding of membrane proteins Paula Booth David Jones
The role of the microbiome in maintaining gut health and in educating the immune system Rachel Lawrence Imelda McGonnell
The role of the somatosensory cortex in nociception Liam Browne Matteo Carandini
The structural basis of the interaction of chromatin regulator proteins with RNA Richard Jenner Andres Ramos
Towards cell-free cell therapies Gareth Williams Rebecca Shipley
Transmission networks of novel zoonotic hybrid schistosomes in West Africa. Joanne P Webster Alan Wilson
Understanding allergy through parasite immunity Nicholas Furnham Hannah Gould
Understanding and exploiting the microbial machines towards antibiotic discovery Sarah Barry Maxie Roessler
Understanding how membrane proteins fold using dipolar spectroscopy Maxie M Roessler Paula Booth
Understanding mechanisms that keep incompletely spliced RNAs in the nucleus Eugene Makeyev Snezhana Oliferenko
Understanding structures in the human eye through a cross vertebrate species comparison Ian Eames Dominic Wells
Understanding the assembly and structure of bacterial microcompartments Arianna Fornili Richard Pickersgill
Understanding the emergent behaviour of cell motion Brian Stramer Mark Miodownik
Understanding the mechanism of a drug efflux pump Kenneth Linton Paula Booth
Understanding the relationships between extracellular matrix composition, structure, and mechanics in normal and scarred skin John Connelly Tanya Shaw
Understanding the role of druggable metabolic targets in healthy human ageing Linda Partridge Aroon Hingorani
Unravelling the role of cysteine oxidation in mitophagy Helene Plun-Favreau Jess Healy
Using cell encapsulation and innovative in-vitro co-culture system to understand how human stem cells work to counteract bone loss. Pascale V Guillot Suwan Jayasinghe
Using mathematical modelling to evaluate the impact of urbanisation and population aging in South-East Asia on disease transmission. Stefan Flasche Georges Reniers
Using protein structure analysis to model the interactions of synaptic adhesion molecules and their biological function Robert Hindges Maria (Sasi) Conte
Using whole genome sequencing to uncover the genetics underlying antimicrobial resistant pathogens Taane Clark Martin Hibberd
Venom peptide mediated modulation of voltage-gated sodium channel (NaV) function Martin Ulmschneider Bonnie Wallace
What keeps cartilage stuck to bone? Bonding at the osteochondral junction investigated with multimodal imaging, materials testing, and macromolecule characterisation. Michael Doube Andrew Pitsillides
Yeast surface expression and structural modelling of vaccine antigens for the protozoan parasite Eimeria tenella Fiona Tomley Damer Blake