Project Title Primary Supervisor Secondary Supervisor
3D modelling and haemodynamic analysis of patient specific abdominal aortic aneurysms. Richard Bomphrey Yiannis Ventikos
3D Printing Bioengineered Muscle Professor Dominic Wells Professor Richard Day
3D Tumour-on-Chip model to predict the efficiency of anti-cancer drug delivery from the microvasculature Ali Salehi-Reyhani Martin Ulmschneider
A cross-disciplinary approach to the detection and analysis of miRNA in exosomes Professor Alethea B Tabor (ABT) Dr Simon Ameer-Beg (SAB)
A Gut Reaction: The role of the gut microbiome in zebrafish neuronal development Imelda McGonnell Anthony Graham
A novel drug to beat a superbug: can metal nanoparticles defeat the antimicrobial resistance of the emerging Candida auris pathogen? Sudaxshina Murdan Sanjib Bhakta
Activation of NF-kB by the viral oncoprotein vFLIP. Tracey Barrett Dr Yasu Takeuchi
Amyloid-beta lipid membrane interactions and Alzheimer’s disease Dr John H Viles Prof Paula J. Booth
An interdisciplinary approach to model the binding of flexible proteins: Applications to coagulation Factor VIII and the von Willebrand Factor. D. Flemming Hansen Adrian Shepherd
Analysing the dynamics of gene regulatory adaptation in fission yeast Max Reuter Jürg Bähler
Analysis of phase-separated granule formation by biochemical analysis and mathematical modelling Dr. Andrea Cerase Prof. Karen Page
Bacteriophages as generalised synthetic DNA delivery vehicles Renos Savva John M Ward
Bayesian statistical inference in phylogenetics Mario dos Reis Ziheng Yang
Bio-electrospraying and cell electrospinning: novel tissue engineering approaches for studying regenerative biology and medicine Suwan Jayasinghe Stephen Sturzenbaum
Bioaerosol surveillance system for safer hospitals Daren Caruana Prof Stephen Hailes
Biological and biophysical characterisation of peptide toxins in pathogenic fungi Julian Naglik Stefan Howorka
Biosensing viral vectors for enhancing manufacturing of gene therapy Professor Farzin Farzaneh Dr Wayne Dickson
Brains at Play: Imaging the neuronal signatures of oxygenation and metabolic functional responses in toddlers playing within a virtual environment. Ilias Tachtsidis Denis Mareschal
Ca2+ and Viruses: Probing Novel Ca2+ Channels in Viral Entry. Sandip Patel Mark Marsh
Cell migration during embryo development requires interplay of physical and mechanical cues ROBERTO MAYOR Guillaume Charras
Cellular and mathematical models of evolution of telencephalon early fate decisions Corinne Houart Guillaume Salbreux
Cellular mechanisms of impaired neurodevelopment following early life exposure to air pollution Dr Claire Thornton Prof Serena Counsell
Cellular plasticity and heterogeneous modes of migration in development, health and disease Adrian Biddle Victoria Sanz-Moreno
Characterising molecular details of protein (mis)folding mechanisms during biosynthesis, towards developing a disease-modifying toolkit Lisa Cabrita John Christodoulou
Climate breakdown and health: biology and climate science in epilepsy Sanjay Sisodiya Aideen Foley
Combined molecular and physiological mapping of olfactory representation in the brain Yoh Isogai Andreas Schaefer
Combining biochemical, biophysical and computational studies to define intracellular mechanisms regulating cell migration and mitosis Dr Tania Maffucci Prof Francesca Ciccarelli
Combining cognitive neuroscience and behaviour genetics to study typical infant development Angelica Ronald Pasco Fearon
Combining Genetic Structural Equation modelling (GSEM) of GWAS data and neurocomputational modelling to understand the specificity of genetic effects on neurocognitive development Michael Thomas Emma Meaburn
Combining Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells and CRISPR-Cas Gene Editing to Model and Develop New Therapies for Nuclear Envelope Diseases Dr Francesco Saverio TEDESCO Professor Peter S. ZAMMIT
Combining light, enzymes and DNA: A green catalytic technology for the manufacturing of chiral sulfoxides Stellios ARSENIYADIS Daniele Castagnolo
CompuBee: A computational model for integrative epigenetics analysis in the honeybee Dr Paul J. Hurd Dr Robert A. Lowe
Computational study of prenatal and postnatal brain morphometry associations with cognitive control across the lifespan Dr. Iroise Dumontheil Professor Robert Leech
Constructing whole-cell bacterial biosensors that compute Chris Barnes Attila Csikasz-Nagy
Cracking the miRISC code: An investiagtion in to charactersing a ‘hidden code’ within microRNA silencing biology! Prof. Tyson V. Sharp Professor Richard jenner
Creating Novel Bio-Adhesives using Genetically Programmed Protein Assembly Dr. Ewan Main Dr. James Garnett
Deciphering operon variability and its regulation in mycobacteria using third-generation sequencing Irilenia Nobeli Dr Kristine Arnvig
Deciphering the impact of genetic variation at transposable elements on placental gene regulation Miguel Branco Gudrun Moore
Decision-making: from models to mechanisms and back Arantza Barrios Benedetto di Martino
Decoding dreams: Using deep learning to analyze hippocampal reactivations during REM sleep Daniel Bendor Emma C. Robinson
Design and development of novel bioinks for the development of in vitro tissue models for drug testing applications using 3D biofabrication process Deepak kalaskar Dr Ryo Torii
Designing Stable Structures of Leishmania major Small Hydrophilic Endoplasmic Reticulum associated Protein: templates for Antibody Production and Rational Drug Design Doctor Robert William Janes Professor Bonnie Ann Wallace
Developing bio-electrosprays for handling and storing of gametes Helen O Neill Suwan Jayasinghe
Developing Mobile Technology using machine learning to monitor inhaler technique and medication adherence in asthma and COPD Prof. John Hurst Dr Katharine Pike
Developing nanoparticle inhibitors for the Wnt signaling pathway Aamir Ahmed Chris Howard
Development and application of novel mitochondrial imaging technologies in the nervous system Joseph Bateman Michael Duchen
Development and evaluation of novel diagnostics for tuberculosis and other mycobacterial pathogens Ben Swift Javier Guitian
Development of novel optical imaging strategies to investigate metastasis at the molecular level Simon Poland Simon Ameer-Beg
Diffusion and structural MR histology: new high-resolution MR imaging methodologies for quantitative mapping of cortical organisation during development. Flavio Dell'Acqua Gary Zhang
Dissecting actin mediated nuclear destruction during keratinocyte terminal differentiation Ryan O'Shaughnessy Dr Kevin Mills
Dissecting cell membrane mechanics with DNA nanoprobes Stefan Howorka Ulrike Eggert
Dissecting p53 signaling with Chemical Biology Manuel Mueller Mahvash Tavassoli
Do spatial constraints on oxygen flow drive neural specialisation in the first year of life? Prof. Emily Jones Prof. Clare Elwell
Does intensification of poultry production impact on Campylobacter evolution, microbiome variation and the risk of antimicrobial resistance? Richard Stabler Prof Damer Blake
Effect of local hyperthermia on mamosphere’s response to therapy Maya Thanou Thanh Nguyen
Effect of the LRRK2 kinase on Wnt signalling and bone architecture Kirsten Harvey Andrew Pitsillides
Effect of viral coinfections on mastitis and breastmilk secretion Theresa Ward Suzanne Filteau
Effects of acoustic stimulation on behavioural flexibility: the domestic chick as a model for early social behaviour Maria Diez Leon Elisabetta Versace
Elucidating RNP functions in synaptic plasticity through an engineered neuronal network Jernej Ule Ciro Chiappini
Enabling next-generation single-particle electron microscopy by delivering on ideally oriented antibody-fragment derivatized grids for optimal protein capture. Vijay Chudasama Carolyn Moores
Engineered microenvironments to study neuronal migration and associated disorders Benedikt Berninger Alvaro Mata
Epigenetic regulators of haematopoietic stem cells and their role in clonal haematopoiesis and aging Elspeth Payne Kevin Bryson
Evaluating the potential for evolution and establishment of (AMaR) drug resistance within zoonotic schistosomiasis in sub-Saharan Africa. Professor Joanne Webster Dr Martin Walker
Evolution of musculoskeletal anatomy and locomotor style in frogs Dr Laura Porro Dr Christopher Richards
Evolution of neuropeptide signaling: finding the missing links Maurice Elphick Paola Oliveri
Exploring the activation mechanisms of pentameric ligand gated ion channels (pLGICs) by atomistic simulations and single channel methods Carla Molteni Lucia Sivilotti
Exploring the dynamics of macromolecular assemblies using cryo EM and crosslinking mass-spectrometry Maya Topf Konstantinos Thalassinos
Exploring the switch between mesenchymal and amoeboid cancer cell migration using microfluidics and MATLAB based analysis of live cell imaging. Matthias Krause Victoria Sanz-Moreno
Function and evolution of the Fam A protein family of malaria parasites in pathogenesis Christiaan van Ooij Prof Nicholas Keep
Function of the Spectrin skeleton in regulating cell shape, cell mechanics, and epithelium architecture: a quantitative, biophysical study Isabel M Palacios Guillaume Charras
Functional analysis of key targets of cyclic AMP signalling in malaria parasite invasion David Baker Mike Blackman
Functional dissection of the pancreatic microenvironment during embryonic development Francesca Spagnoli Emad Moeendarbary
Fundamental studies on ovarian tissue cryopreservation – interrogation of biological and physical factors causing cryo-injuries, their mitigation for better clinical translation. Paul Hardiman Rowland Fleck.
Gating and lifetime properties of amyloid-β ion channels in Alzheimer’s disease Mark Baker John H. Viles
Gene regulation of developmental interneuron diversification Oscar Marín Nicholas Luscombe
Genetic basis for haematopoietic stem-cell exhaustion during ageing Jurg Bahler Robert Knight
Genetics of Human Ageing – from populations to mechanisms Dr Karoline Kuchenbaecker Prof Linda Partridge
Genomic consequences of hepatic encephalopathy Rob Fowkes Rebecca Oakey
Genomic of vector borne diseases: from pathogens to mosquitoes Susana Campino Taane Clark
Geospatial modeling of an ongoing Salmonella typhi outbreak in Harare Zimbabwe in the context of mass vaccination campaign Dr Steven Le Comber Dr Katharina Kranzer
Habituation, Familiarity and Novelty Detection in the Auditory System: Assays to Interrogate Mechanisms of Cognition and Dysfunction in Neuro-developmental Disorder Dr. Samuel Cooke Dr. Daniel Bendor
Harnessing cell-mediated matrix remodelling by human iPSC-derived intestinal organoids within 3D materials to understand epithelial-mesenchymal interactions in health and disease Eileen Gentleman Andrew Stagg
Harnessing natural cellular variability to understand how alternative splicing controls neuronal polarity Dr Matthew Grubb Dr Eugene Makeyev
Heterogeneity of treatment outcomes for psychiatric patients Yan Feng Stefan Priebe
How CCAN contributes to chromosome segregation Lakxmi Subramanian Viji Draviam
How do cells keep chromosomes stable during cell division? Sarah McClelland Dr Max Reuter
How does chromatin architecture contribute to gene expression dynamics during cell differentiation in vivo? Albert Basson Cameron Osborne
How does the chromatin regulator PRC2 interact with RNA? Linking transcription with epigenetic state. Richard Jenner Steve Gamblin
How the skeleton makes its shape: combining genetic and mathematical models Karen Liu Karen Page
Identification of novel markers for parvalbumin interneurons in early brain development Helen Stolp Dong Xia
Imaging Cardiac Function with Manganese Daniel Stuckey Richard Southworth
Imaging the coupling between ion-channel conformational change and gating. Mark Wallace Bonnie Wallace
Imaging the moment of choice Professor Jonathan Chubb Professor Karen Page
Immortality: desiccation of human (stem) cells for long-term storage and cell therapy-based applications Dr David Chau Dr Driton Vllasaliu
Immunophysics of CTLA-4: an advanced microscopy study David Sansom Philip Jones
Improved fidelity of protein synthesis delays ageing Ivana Bjedov Jürg Bähler
Innate immune signalling pathways in metabolic ageing Lazaros Foukas Pedro R. Cutillas
Insulinoma: lessons in survival from immortal pancreatic beta cells Lucy Davison Brian Catchpole
Integrated modelling of foodborne disease risk in emerging chicken food systems Guillaume Fournié Richard Stabler
Integrating multiple complex omics datasets to understand gender and age differences in immune cell biology Ines Pineda-Torra Dionisio Acosta
Integrity of the epidermal Autophagy pathway upon UV exposure and aging Daniele Bergamaschi Wei-Li Di
Intervention of innate immunity suppression caused by bacterial ubiquitin ligases in crops Benjamin Stieglitz Guy Hanke
Investigating biomechanical stimulation of the perisoteal stem cell niche towards developing regenerative medicine strategies for bone loss Malcolm Logan Andrew Pitsillides
Investigating how migrating cells change their metabolism in response to mechanical signals. Victoria Sanz Moreno Maria R (Sasi) Conte
Investigating the cellular mechanisms of skeletal muscle regeneration using in vitro and experimental-data-driven computational modelling Ryo Torii Darren Player
Investigating the diseased extracellular matrix in fibrotic scars Brian Stramer Tanya Shaw
Investigating the impact of insecticide resistance on malaria transmission in sub-Saharan Africa. Prof. Mark Rowland Dr. Louisa Messenger
Investigating the role of cytochrome c oxidase and its association in supercomplexes in regulating mitochondrial respiratory chains Amandine Marechal Giulia Zanetti
Investigating the role of primary cilia in cranial stem/progenitor cell development and craniosynostosis. Dr Dagan Jenkins Prof Martin Knight
Investigating the spatial tolerance of the B cell receptor using nanopatterned antigens Katelyn Spillane Hannah Gould
Label-free assessment of replicative senescence in flexor tendon fibroblasts Jay Dudhia ROger K Smith
Linking ER function with lysosomal dysfunction Sara Mole Sandip Patel
Lung surfactant under attack – new ways to study lipids and proteins at the air-water interface Katherine Thompson Prof Nicholas Keep
Measuring and modelling intercellular communication in multicellular cyanobacteria Conrad Mullineaux Dr Chris Duffy
Mechanical regulation of wound healing Dr. Yanlan Mao Dr. Shiladitya Banerjee
Mechanisms of bacterial killing by degradation of the cell envelope Bart Hoogenboom Jeremy Brown
Mechanisms of malaria parasite egress from red blood cells Helen Saibil Michael Blackman
Mechanistic basis of the mitotic kinesin CENPE in chromosomal instability Prof Carolyn Moores Dr Sarah McClelland
Modulating appetite through allosteric modulation of G-protein Coupled Receptors Lesley Howell Peter McCormick
Molecular and biophysical drivers of epithelial cell density and cell competition. Jody Rosenblatt Guillaume Charras
Molecular and Cellular basis of cognitive flexibility in Autism Spectrum Disorder models Beatriz Rico Adil Khan
Molecular and cellular characterization of regenerating limbs. Paola Oliveri Geraint Thomas
Molecular recycling of plastics: metagenomics and protein engineering for PET, PE and PP degradation Prof John ward Prof Helen Hailes
Multimodal Comparative Study of Matched Human iPSC and Biopsy-Derived Muscle Progenitor Cells for Regenerative Therapies Charles Knowles Richard Day
Navigating the Maze: Biotherapeutics Delivery Across the Epithelial Basement Membranes Dr Driton Vllasaliu Andela Saric
Neural Substrates of Cognitive Changes in Healthy Ageing Using Whole Brain MRI Magnetic Susceptibility Mapping of Tissue Iron Dr Karin Shmueli Dr Rimona Weil
New Imaging to Model the mechanical drivers of osteoarthritis Andrew Pitsillides David Abraham
Next Generation Biomaterials Discovery Using Combinatorial Screening Technology Richard Day Caroline Pellet-Many
Next generation, immunocompetent 3D tissue models of cancer for testing targeted nanotechnology Marilena Loizidou David Abraham
Non-local computation of goal vectors in hippocampal networks Dr Caswell Barry Charles Blundell
Norcoclaurine Synthases: Expanding applications to novel alkaloid scaffolds through enzyme engineering and structural studies Prof Helen Hailes (HCH) Prof Nick Keep (NK)
Nutrition Engineering: dietary fibre and bile salts, the impact of structure on wellbeing and health Cecile Dreiss Balázs Bajka
Parameterising a model for the emergence and spread of zoonoses (with reference to Ebola, Lassa Fever and Monkey Pox) in West Africa Richard Kock Deborah Watson-Jones
Post-transcriptional regulation by subcellular mRNA localisation Maria (Sasi) Conte Faraz Mardakheh
Potentiation and repurposing of macrolide antimicrobials against Gram-negative pathogens for clinical applications in human and veterinary medicine Liam Good Wenhui Song
Programmed cell death of neuronal precursors during visual system development. Vilaiwan Fernandes Ryan MacDonald
Protein Folding on the Ribosome: probing the ribosomal machinery during biosynthesis at high resolution. John Christodoulou Lisa Cabrita
Pseudomonas biofilms and plastic degradation : understanding the mechanism and developing new control tools Prof. Marina Resmini James Garnett
Quadrupedal gait and tracking under slow, fast and dynamic conditions James Usherwood Thilo Pfau
Regenerating the kidney by restoring the renal microvasculature David Long Dr Tammy Kalber
Regulation of a proton-sensing G-protein-coupled receptor for cancer therapy: a combined in vitro and in silico study Arianna Fornili Lesley Howell
Regulation of neural stem cell quiescence by non-coding RNA Rita Sousa-Nunes Jurg Bahler
Regulation of neuron-glial signalling by mitochondrial calcium buffering in astrocytes Josef Kittler Dimitri Rusakov
Reliability and reproducibility of cognitive probes Dr Quentin Huys Raymond J Dolan
Remodeling of redox cellular metabolic networks in response to mitochondrial dysfunction Gyorgy Szabadkai Alexandros Kiparissides
Resistance evolution in the presence of combination antibiotic therapy Gwen Knight Prof. Tim McHugh
Ribosomal RNA transcription in Trypanosoma brucei – decoding RNA polymerase-I regulation in an early diverging eukaryote Dr Sam Alsford Prof John Kelly
Ribosomes under attack – Single molecule analysis of bacterial translation under impaired rRNA stability & antimicrobial treatment Christoph Engl Simon Ameer-Beg
Sensorineural response to piezoelectric bio-nanocomposite based artificial cochlea Wenhui Song Ivo Lieberam
Smart microcapsules through controlled macromolecular coating Dr Andrew Surman (AJS) Dr Ali Salehi-Reyhani (ASR)
Sphingolipid Polar Heads: Hydrogen Bonding and Hydration Maria Chris Lorenz
Structural and cellular studies of Escherichia coli during biofilm maturation James Garnett Vidya Darbari
Structure formation during co-translational folding of membrane proteins on the ribosome Professor Paula Booth John Christodoulou
Structure-based approaches to mapping immunologically dominant epitopes on human enteric virus capsids. Dr David J Allen Dr Renos Savva
Super-resolution microscopy of functional synaptic vesicle pools Laura Andreae Susan Cox
Super-resolved Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging of Astrocyte Mitochondrial Metabolism simon ameer-beg Andrea Serio
Synaptosome on Chip (SyonChip): combining stem cell technologies, bioengineering and advanced molecular analysis to model the tripartite synapse in vitro Andrea Serio Rickie Patani
Synthetic protocells to study cell membrane adhesion Salvador Tomas Kate Bowers
Temperature-robust food-sensing in a multi-neuron gene network that modulates ageing QueeLim Ch'ng Chris Barnes
The AAGGG Repeat Expansion in the RFC1 gene: Investigating the functional consequences Henry Houlden Mark Caulfield
The contradictory functions of carotenoid-based light-harvesters: Understanding energy harvesting and dissipation in the Fucoxanthin-Chlorophyll Protein (FCP) Christopher Duffy Rachel Crespo-Otero
The design of a microfluidic-molecular communication system for closed-loop therapeutic drug monitoring: applying communication to drug delivery. Yansha Deng Prof Khuloud Al-Jamal
The effect of nucleotide changes on the three-dimensional structure of immune receptor complexes Francesca Capon Franca Fraternali
The genetic adaptations of modern humans to their local environments. Aida Andres Garrett Hellenthal
The influence of hippocampal mechanisms on visual memory Isabelle Mareschal Caswell Barry
The molecular recognition and function of the TGFβ1 – neuropilin interaction: a computational, biophysical and biological study. David Selwood Snezana Djordjevic
The role of CLN3 protein in cell polarity Claire Russell Sara Mole
The role of extracellular vesicles in regulating blood vessel calcification Isabel Orriss Chantal Chenu
The role of inflammation in regulating cellular metabolism Katiuscia Bianchi Gyorgy Szabadkai
The roles of the somatosensory cortex in nociception Dr Liam Browne Professor Matteo Carandini
Towards an autonomous in silico researcher: Using logic modelling to automate the explanation of unexpected results Conrad Bessant Pedro Cutillas
Towards understanding the neural mechanisms of mindful attention training for healthy ageing Eddy J. Davelaar Elena Antonova
Tracking Cancer Signalling Stephanie Kermorgant Paul Fromme
Turning bacterial cyclopropane synthase enzymes into biocatalysts for the green and sustainable manufacturing of chemicals and drugs Daniele Castagnolo Sarah Barry
Uncovering the antiviral activity of IFITM proteins using optical tweezers and light-sheet fluorescence microscopy Isabel Llorente-Garcia (ILLG) Mark Marsh (MM)
Understanding and exploiting microbial machines towards antibiotic discovery Sarah Barry James Mason
Understanding co-evolution of membranes and membrane-bound proteins Prof Snezhana Oliferenko Prof Paula Booth
Understanding evolutionary conserved chromosome segregation principles Viji M. Draviam Paolo Oliveri
Understanding gene regulation mechanisms that underlie generation of interneuron diversity Eugene Makeyev Oscar Marin
Understanding the antimicrobial activity of amyloid peptides Martin Ulmschneider Chris Lorenz
Understanding the effects of environmental changes on social insects using big data evolutionary genomics. Yannick Wurm Seirian Sumner
Understanding the link between influenza virus adaptability and structural heterogeneity using super-resolution microscopy and AI Mark Marsh Ricardo Henriques
Understanding the neural circuit computation underlaying outcome specific conditioned inhibition. camilla larsen Martin Meyer
Unravelling the role of the protein environment on photoactive yellow protein chromophore dynamics Professor Helen Fielding Rachel Crespo-Otero
Untangling the origins of chromatin looping: the role of CTCF in defining 3D genome architecture in annelid worms Jose M. Martin-Duran Nicholas Luscombe
Unveiling the Molecular Mechanisms of Ultra Long-Range Electron Transport in Bacteria through Multiheme Protein Complexes. Ismael DIEZ PEREZ Jochem BLUMBERGER
Use of zebrafish to study Shigella sonnei strain diversity and evolution Prof Serge Mostowy Prof Kathryn Holt
Using Causal Modelling and Machine Learning Methods to Improve Osteoarthritis Diagnosis and Prognosis: Gait, Bone Shape and Joint Structure Assessment Yu-Mei Ruby Chang Andrew Pitsillides
Using chemical-genetic approaches to identify and understand geroprotective drugs Linda Partridge John Labbadia
Using genetics, live imaging and computational approaches to illuminate the biomechanics of fat cell migration to wounds in flies Anna Franz Brian Stramer
Using high-field functional and quantitative structural MRI to reveal the dynamics of auditory statistical learning and representational change Fred Dick Martina Callaghan
Using “omics” technologies to study the genomic architecture and underlying molecular mechanisms of susceptibility to claw horn disruption lesions (CHDL) Prof Dirk Werling Dr Androniki Psifidi
Vaccine development through graph-based machine learning generated host-pathogen interactome Dong Xia Laura Toni
Variation in commitment to sexual development in the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum Prof David Conway Prof David Baker
Why do we lose our hearing and how can we stop it? Exploring sensory homeostasis, from flies …to mice ….to humans. Prof Karen Steel Prof Joerg Albert
“Exploring the boundaries in mechanobiology: the effect of mechanical forces on cellular lipid membranes” Sergi Garcia-Manyes Ulrike Eggert