Project Title Primary Supervisor Secondary Supervisor
A Cohort of Virtual Human Atria for In-silico Testing of Ablation and Pharmacology Therapies Steven A Niederer Tom Wong
A combined -omics approach to understanding pathogenicity and plant-resistance to Fusarium diseases of legume crops. Andrew Armitage Laurence Bindschedler
A combined live imaging and DESI-Raman approach for dissecting the molecular basis of muscle regeneration Robert Knight Mads S Bergholt
A reductionist organoid-based model to study how matrix remodelling and soluble signals impact cell fate decisions in human pancreas development Rocio Sancho Eileen Gentleman
Accelerating the adoption of novel mosquito control interventions by combining entomological, epidemiological and genetic data using modelling Oliver Brady Sarah Hill
Adaptive evolution of viral genes Ziheng Yang Asif Tamuri
AI-based methods to investigate the roles of glial cells in synapse formation in the retina Prof. Robert Hindges Ryan MacDonald
All-optical interrogation of neural circuits in behaving animals Michael Hausser Matteo Carandini
Bayesian statistical inference of divergence times Mario dos Reis Ziheng Yang
Bioacoustic monitoring using drones Lin Wang Axel Rossberg
Biomechanical regulation of phase separation processes within the nucleus John Connelly Andela Saric
Biophysical properties regulating neural stem cell quiescence Dr Rita Sousa-Nunes Dr Yanlan Mao
Biophysics of spiral cleavage: the role of actin cortex in embryonic chirality in annelid worms Jose M Martin-Duran Guillaume Charras
Brains at Play: Imaging the neuronal signatures of oxygenation and metabolic functional responses in toddlers playing within a virtual environment. Ilias Tachtsidis Professor Denis Mareschal
Building synaptic release machinery in regenerating cells Matthew Grubb Marcela Lipovsek
Campylobacter pathogenesis: the link between the Unfolded Protein Response (UPR), inflammation and disease Ozan Gundogdu Androniki Psifidi
Characterising the development of fronto-parietal brain networks during adolescence through neuroadaptive Bayesian optimisation Iroise Dumontheil Robert Leech
Chemical tools for sonic injection of molecules in biological membranes Maya Thanou Prof Nader Saffari
Chromatin and epigenetic landscape of the human brain important for obesity Radu Zabet Dr Elena Bochukova
Combining biochemical and biophysical studies to investigate the link between mechanical forces and intracellular signalling pathways during cell migration Dr Tania Maffucci Dr John Connelly
Combining bioengineering and cell biology to develop novel 3D models for studying bone remodelling in health and disease. Dr Isabel Orriss Dr Deepak Kalasker
Comparative aspects of viral coinfections on mastitis and milk secretion Theresa Ward Zhangrui Cheng
Comparative genomics to gain insight into evolution and insecticide resistance in a major agricultural pest complex, the whitefly Bemisia tabaci Professor Susan Seal Yannick Wurm
Conveying and experiencing music through vision and touch Velia Cardin Nadia Berthouze
Cracking the epigenetic “fibroblast activation lock” in fibrotic scars and cancer Dr Emanuel Rognoni Dr Tanya Shaw
Creating effective animal-robot social interactions to study cognitive development and to improve animal welfare. Lorenzo Jamone Elisabetta Versace
Creating Novel Bio-Adhesives using Genetically Programmed Protein Assembly Dr. Ewan Main James Garnett
Cryo-EM and AFM studies of COPII-mediated membrane remodelling Giulia Zanetti Bart Hoogenboom
Deciphering the endogenous mechanisms of anti-tuberculosis action and resistance reversal potential of immunomodulatory drugs. Prof Sanjib Bhakta Prof Helen C. Hailes
Deciphering the mechanism through which histone acetyl readers regulate neurodevelopment Pradeepa Madapura Radu Zabet
Decision-making: from models to mechanisms and back Arantza Barrios Benedetto de Martino
Deep learning for image analysis of prion pathogenesis Peter Kloehn Prof Julia Schnabel
Defining tissue repair in inner ear sensory epithelia Jonathan Gale Yanlan Mao
Determining how neuro-stromal interactions modulate intestinal matrix remodelling Joana F Neves Elieen Gentleman
Developing a gene expression classifier to identify new mechanisms promoting health in old age Nazif Alic Maria Secrier
Developing a High-throughput Single-cell Analysis Platform for Intra- and Inter-cellular Signalling in Colonic Air Liquid Interface Organoids Christopher Tape Umber Cheema
Developing combined in vitro & in silico models to study the impact of fluid flow on vascular cells in health and disease Rebecca Shipley Eileen Gentleman
Developing genetically-accurate models of CLN3 disease Claire Russell Sara Mole
Development and neuroprotective testing of nanocarrier formulations for intranasal administration of the curcumin derivatives CNB-001, J-147 and T-006 Mariya Hristova Satyanarayana Somavarapu
Development of a novel system using oral mucosal organoids to investigate the role of specific genes in the remodelling of the extracellular matrix Inês Sequeira Eileen Gentleman
Development of dual imaging probes for mapping inflammatory processes from NETs to MMPs Graeme Stasiuk Kerstin Sander
Development of imaging reporter genes for mapping adeno-associated viral gene therapy targeted to kidney cells Tammy Louise Kalber Prof David Long
Discovering the impact of nontolerant variants in kinetochore genes using cutting-edge super-resolution live-cell microscopy Viji M Draviam Sastry Prof Richard Pickersgill
Dissecting how molecular motors move using fluorescence microscopy, optical trapping and DNA origami Anthony Roberts Graeme King
Dissecting p53 signaling with Chemical Biology Manuel Mueller Mahvash Tavassoli
Dissecting the epigenetic alterations in cellular and viral DNA after adenovirus infection Gunnel Hallden Dr Jun Wang
Does an extreme climate force wild and domestic animals to evolve similarly? Denis Larkin Camilla Benfield
Does intensification of poultry production impact on Campylobacter evolution, microbiome variation and the risk of antimicrobial resistance? Richard Stabler Damer Blake
Dynamics of lipids and cerebral metabolism after injury and during recovery in the central nervous system Adina T MICHAEL-TITUS Dr Jordi Lopez-Tremoleda
Effect of the LRRK2 kinase on Wnt signalling and bone architecture Andrew Pitsillides Kirsten Harvey
Elucidating human muscle-nerve crosstalk in health and disease using tissue engineering and systems biology approaches Yung-Yao Lin Ivo Lieberam
Elucidation of a role for PSPC1 as a novel player in the DNA damage response Sarah Martin Dr Paulo Ribeiro
Engineered microenvironments forneuronal migration: Unveiling thefundamentals of neuronal locomotion andassociated migration disorders Benedikt Berninger Ciro Chiappini
Engineered microfabricated placental organoids to study placental development and application as disease model Julien Gautrot Eileen Gentleman
Engineering microbial communities for distributed computation using bacterial micro compartments. Chris Barnes Stefanie Frank
Epidermal Autophagy assessment during skin aging and photoaging. Dr Daniele Bergamaschi Dr Jun Wang
Epigenetic basis of nutrition-mediated development in the honeybee Paul Hurd José M. Martín-Durán
Epigenetic regulation of transposable elements in the placenta Miguel Branco Helen Rowe
Evolution of neuropeptide signaling: finding the missing links Maurice Elphick Paola Oliveri
Exploration of efflux footprint of multidrug resistant Candida auris using a chemical biology approach. K Miraz Rahman Dr Barry Panaretou
Exploration of the relationship between brain function and cortical development in the human preterm period with simultaneous EEG-fMRI Lorenzo Fabrizi Tomoki Arichi
Exploring peptoid xenopolymers as functional biomaterials Andrew Surman Dr Helena Azevedo
Exploring the boundaries in mechanobiology: the effect of mechanical forces on cellular lipid membranes Sergi Garcia Manyes Ulrike Eggert
Finding the dynamic structure of kinetochores using deep learning reconstruction Susan Cox Philip Auckland
From light to heat to movement: How optical superheating may drive biological light sensing. Dr Christopher Duffy Dr Stoichko Dimitrov
From manufacturing to in vivo efficacy: Establishing an interdisciplinary pipeline for new tools for gene delivery Duncan Craig Stephanie Schorge
Function of the spectrin skeleton in cell migration in vertebrates and invertebrates Isabel Palacios Caroline Brennan
Function, structure and evolution of an important conserved protein family in malaria parasites Christiaan van Ooij Tracey Barrett
Functional analysis of cyclic AMP signalling effectors in malaria parasite erythrocyte invasion David Baker Professor Michael Blackman
Growth and heredity of protocells at the origin of life under simulated hydrothermal conditions Nick Lane Andrew Pomankowski
Gut microbial metabolites as links between diet and cognition: a systems biology investigation Simon McArthur Andrea Malaspina
Habituation, Familiarity and Novelty Detection in the Auditory System: Assays to Interrogate Mechanisms of Cognition and Dysfunction in Neuro-developmental Disorder Dr. Samuel Cooke Dr. Daniel Bendor
Haustoria-omic of powdery mildew fungi infecting cereals, pea, and strawberry to unravel key factors of biotrophy, susceptibility and virulence Laurence Bindschedler Dr Andrew Armitage
How children search for knowledge: development of cognitive and neural mechanisms Tali Sharot Tessa Dekker
How does genome architecture influence cancer risk across animal species? Sarah McClelland Professor Trevor Graham
How does our brain tell us where we are based on what we see and hear? – Neuronal basis of cross-modal sensory integration for navigation Guifen Chen Neil Burgess
How to measuring brain synchrony during real-world collaborations Prof Denis Mareschal Prof. Ilias Tachtsidis
Identification of novel antimicrobials to target Clostridioides difficile. Lisa Dawson Rivka Isaacson
Identifying the biological role of lipid binding to zinc α2 glycoprotein in lipolysis Prof Stephen J Perkins Dr Alun R. Coker
Identifying the effect of altered inflammatory status on parvalbumin interneuron development Helen Stolp Dong Xia
Imaging immune-tumour interactions in cancer for uncovering novel strategies to improve the efficacy of immunotherapies James Arnold Simon Ameer-Beg
Imaging receptor signaling in cancer Stephanie Kermorgant Paul Fromme
Immortalization of immune effector cells for biotherapeutic applications Marc Mansour Marc-Olivier Coppens
Impact of vascular ageing and senescence on inflammatory responses Sussan Nourshargh Cleo Bishop
Improving CRISPR screens by tackling gene redundancy Pavel Tolar Francesca Ciccarelli
Improving malaria control through landscape genetics Prof Richard Nichols Prof François Balloux
Incorporating the Circadian Clock into Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell model systems David Lee Alexey Zaikin
Individual variation in human reading: computational and neuroimaging studies Professor Kathy Rastle Dr Joanne Taylor
Integrated genome-wide characterisation of silencer elements and their regulatory output in haematopoietic lineages Dr Jun Wang Prof Eric So
Integrated modelling of zoonotic disease risk in emerging chicken food systems Guillaume FOURNIE Richard Stabler
Integrating genomics, metagenomics and epidemiological-based data to develop novel tools to reduce the risk of zoonotic outbreaks Androniki Psifidi Prof Damer Blake
Integrating “omics” technologies and machine-learning approaches to dissect the genomic architecture and underlying molecular mechanisms of susceptibility to lameness caused by claw horn disruption lesions (CHDL) Dirk Werling Androniki Psifidi
Integration of cellular, molecular and mathematical investigation of the evolution of early telencephalon organisation Corinne Houart Zena Hadjivasiliou
Interaction of bacterial metabolites and nutrients in regulation of enteric and autonomic nervous system function in health. Qasim Aziz Andrea Malaspina
Interoception and Decision-making: Testing the somatic marker hypothesis Dr Jennifer Murphy Prof Thalia Eley
Interplay between the gut microbiome and nutrient/food co-occurrence(interaction), and their impact on systemic inflammation Mario Falchi Sarah Berry
Investigating cortical mechanisms of habituation and novelty detection in the developing brain Prof. Emily Jones Dr Samuel Cooke
Investigating Evolutionary Radiation of Birds through Deep Learning Morphological Exploration Peter Bentley Ryan Felice
Investigating how mitochondrial metabolism of surrounding cells affects activation of macrophages. Katiuscia Bianchi Gyorgy Szabadkai
Investigating neutrophil-neuron interactions that modulate somatosensory processing Dr Shafaq Sikandar Prof John N Wood FRS
Investigating the Influence of the placental epigenome on cognitive function and growth in Gambian infants Matt Silver Sophie Moore
Investigating the interaction between multisensory processing and attention in time during auditory scene analysis Jennifer Bizley Adam Tierny
Investigating the role of coenzyme A in peroxiredoxin 6 mediated oxidative stress resistance, membrane integrity and healthy ageing. Ivan Gout John Labbadia
Investigating the role of cytochrome c oxidase and its association in supercomplexes in regulating mitochondrial respiratory chains Amandine Marechal Giulia Zanetti
Investigating the role of PAL1 phenylpropanoid pathway genes in resistance to cassava brown streak virus Maruthi M N Gowda Paul Fraser
Investigation of a novel phytohormone biosynthetic pathway in Xanthomonas Sarah Barry Rachael Dickman
Investigation of mechanobiological sensing in cell spreading with label-free photoelectrochemical imaging of the cell attachment area. Steffi Krause Thomas Iskratsch
Investigation of the protective role of anti-PfGARP antibodies against severe malaria Samuel Crocodile Wassmer Kevin Tetteh
Isoprenoids and their role in the development of climate resilient crops (Acronym: IsoRes). Professor Paul David Fraser Maruthi M N Gowda
Lak, a megaphage prevalent in human and non-human animal microbiomes Joanne Santini Elena Orlova
Learning in the Human Brain: Anatomy, Physiology and Computation Prof. Narender Ramnani Prof. Karl Friston
Limbetrics: A toolkit for capturing better preclinical musculoskeletal metrics to enable efficient translation of clinically relevant therapeutics Dr Tom Carlson Dr Scott Roberts
Locating brain inhibitory neurosteroid binding sites on GABA-A receptors Trevor G Smart Maya Topf
Machine Learning Meets Epigenetics: Investigating Links Between Facial Phenotypes and the Infant Epigenome in Rural Gambia Andrew King Matt Silver
Manganese-iron interactions determining neuronal function and phenotype Dr Karin Tuschl Dr Po-Wah So
Mathematical modelling of infectious diseases at criticality: the interplay of disease spread and behaviour Vincent Jansen Sebastian Funk
Measuring and modelling intercellular communication in multicellular cyanobacteria: how can a bacterium count to 10? Prof Conrad Mullineaux Dr Chris Duffy
Mechanics of retrovirus entry with single molecule microscopy Sergi Padilla-Parra Sabrina Simoncelli
Mechanisms of tissue stratification Franck Pichaud Angelika Manhart
Mechanistic basis of force generation by the mitotic motor CENP-E Prof Carolyn Moores Dr Sarah McClelland
Mechano- and nanotopography sensing through stretch activated ion channels (SACs) as regulator of pulmonary disease progression Thomas Iskratsch Jody Rosenblatt
Metabolic biomarkers and pathways of ageing in rural India Sanjay Kinra Cristina Legido-Quigley
Mining the untapped chemical potential of entomopathogenic fungi for sustainable agriculture and human health. Dr Steven Harte Prof Phil Stevenson
Modelling the tissue-specific signalling of the ROCO-protein family Claudia Manzoni Patrick Lewis
Molecular basis of Let7 miRNA –mediated tumourigenesis Andres Ramos Prabhakar Rajan
Molecular basis of neurotransmission – cryo-EM structural and functional investigation of the human serotonin receptor in a lipid environment Paula Booth Claudine Bisson
Molecular basis of swarming behaviour in disease-transmitting mosquitoes Marta Andres de Miguel Ijeoma Uchegbu
Molecular mechanisms underlying seed priming technology and ageing resilience of vegetable crop seeds with morphological dormancy Gerhard Leubner Margaret Collinson
Multidisciplinary investigation of the role of sex hormone-related proteins in fibrotic lung disease Rivka Leah Isaacson Joanna Porter
Muscling in on skeletal muscle ischemia-reperfusion injury: modelling effects on the muscle spindle. Darren Player Shervanthi Homer-Vanniasinkam
Nanoscale dissection of the Ephrin-Eph Receptor signalling axis in cellular invasion Prof. Richard Grose Dr Sabrina Simoncelli
Natural products Bioactivity Analysis of the Tanzanian Herbal Extracts Derived from the Shrub Myrica salicifolia Robin SB Williams Melanie-Jayne R Howes
Neural basis of audiovisual integration during navigation Kenneth Harris Matteo Carandini
Neural Substrates of Cognitive Changes in Healthy Ageing Using MRI Magnetic Susceptibility Mapping of Tissue Iron at High Field Strengths Dr Karin Shmueli Dr Rimona Weil
Neurocomputational modelling of overt attention in naturalistic audiovisual scenes Tim J. Smith Ilias Tachtsidis
New dimensions in organoid development: Correlating functional and structural development with stem cell dynamics through direct Raman biochemical imaging. Geraint Thomas Vivian Li
Novel 18F-labelled Molecular Probes for Indirect CAR T-cell Tracking with Positron Emission Tomography Dr Ran Yan John Maher
Optimising Angiogenesis: How Thermally Induced Phase Separation TIPS-based biomaterials influence macrophage cell behaviour? Caroline Pellet-Many      Richard Day    
Optimising human decision making – the neural mechanisms underlying information gathering training Tobias Hauser Nikolaus Steinbeis
Optogenetic control of signaling to investigate cell shape change during apical-basal polarisation Karl Matter Guillaume Charras
Outer membrane organisation and antimicrobial resistance of Acinetobacter baumannii Bart Hoogenboom Jeremy Brown
Pattern separation in the cerebellum Robin Angus Silver Michael Hausser
Predicting Viral and Human Variants Affecting COVID-19 Susceptibility and Severity and Repurposing Therapeutics Christine Orengo Franca Fraternali
Preparation, isolation and characterisation of cannabinoids metabolites via biocatalytic approaches Vincenzo Abbate Daniele Castagnolo
Principles of economical gait and posture in humans and other vertebrates James Usherwood Alan Wilson
Probing the causal role of dendrites Matteo Carandini Kenneth D. Harris
Rapid drug resistance and transmission profiling of tuberculosis using portable genome sequencing technology Taane Clark Susana Campino
Regenerating cartilage through the creation of a targeted sclerostin mimetic Scott Roberts Francesco Dell'Accio
Regulation of neuron-glial signalling by mitochondrial calcium buffering in astrocytes Josef Kittler Dimitri Rusakov
Regulation of physical forces and membrane remodelling to repair ruptured nuclei Professor Juan Martin-Serrano Sergi Garcia-Manyes
Regulation of the growth-modulating functions of the atypical cadherin Fat Paulo Ribeiro Nicolas Tapon
Regulation of the septin cytoskeleton during cell division Ulrike Eggert Guillaume Charras
Rewiring of cellular energy metabolism during evolution and in the laboratory Jürg Bähler Snezhana Oliferenko
Ribosomal RNA transcriptional regulation in Trypanosoma brucei – balancing the competing demands for RNA polymerase-I Sam Alsford Martin Taylor
Sculpting polymer environments for nerve regeneration. Prof. Martin Birchall Dr. Zoe Mann
Site-selectively radiolabelled antibody conjugates for enhanced imaging of biomarkers in vivo Dr James Baker Dr Michelle Ma
Spatiotemporal determinants of referential attention sukhi shergill Isabelle Mareschal     
Structural biology and cellular studies of the Escherichia coli virulence factor SslE Dr James Garnett Dr Vidya Darbari
Structural study of the genome ejecting system in siphoviridae phages. Elena Orlova Renos Savva
SynFinity – a tandem affinity synapse purification system to probe neural connectivity. Andrew F MacAskill Matthew G. Gold
Synthetic biology to kill crop pathogens Prof. Jonathan Chubb Dr Andrew Armitage
Synthetic community [SynCom] transfer for the restoration of disrupted beneficial phyllosphere microbiomes Paul Devlin Dr Ken Bruce
Systemic evaluation of MYC dependent mitochondrial activity Gyorgy Szabadkai Mariia Yuneva
Targeting DNA’s Secret Secondary Structures Zoe Waller Lesley Howell
Temperature-robustness in a neural gene network that links diet to ageing QueeLim Ch'ng Chris Barnes
Terrestrial weightlessness: Biases in the perception of the physical weight of body parts Matthew Longo Elisa Ferrè
Testing hypotheses of context-dependent, distributed, and non-hierarchical neural representation using hypermodal MRI Fred Dick Jeremy Skipper
The effect of nucleotide changes on the three-dimensional structure of immune receptor complexes Francesca Capon Franca Fraternali
The evolutionary benefits of aneuploidy Duncan Greig Wenying Shou
The genetic architecture and functional role of the mitochondrial transcriptome in the Human Brain Michael Devine Alan Hodgkinson
The Gravity Prior: Neurocognitive mechanisms of gravitational representation from early stages of life. Elisabetta Versace Elisa Ferre
The impact of apicomplexan’s MEP pathway on gene regulation and behaviour of the host Dr. S. Noushin Emami Prof. Damer Blake
The mechanics of cephalopod feeding system Dr. Mehran Moazen Prof Susan Evans
The role of a cytoskeleton-associated protein in regulating brain blood flow by pericytes David Attwell Josef Kittler
The role of dimension-selective attention in auditory category learning Adam Tierney Fred Dick
The role of early life experience on pain circuits and behaviour Stephanie Koch Maria Fitzgerald
The role of La and Related Protein family in ribosome biogenesis Maria R Conte Faraz Mardakheh
The role of the Foxa pioneer transcription factor family in T-cell development and TCR repertoire selection Tessa Crompton Benny Chain
The role of the human hippocampal-cerebellar circuit in spatial cognition Carl Hodgetts Narender Ramnani
The use of ene reductases to generate chiral fluorinated compounds and applications in enzymatic cascades Helen Hailes [HCH] John Ward [JMW]
The value of agency in animal exploration Prof Sam Solomon Dr Elisabetta Versace
Tracking Cancer Signalling Prof Paul Fromme Dr. Stéphanie Kermorgant
Tracking stem cells in vivo Marc Amoyel Alan Lowe
Tridimensional regulatory landscape and genome architecture in metazoans Ferdinand Marlétaz Alex de Mendoza
Tuning biaryl-bridged antibacterial peptides via biotransformation with tyrosinase enzymes Professor Alethea B Tabor (ABT) Professor John M Ward (JMW)
Unconventional epitope discovery through reverse immunology Michele Mishto Adrian Shepherd
Uncovering assembly principles of a multiprotein microcompartment for biotechnology and biomedicine applications. Stefanie Frank Renos Savva
Uncovering nanoscale biomarkers for skin regeneration with multiscale synchrotron x-ray mechano-imaging Dr Himadri S. Gupta Dr Emanuel Rognoni
Uncovering the role of proteostasis dysregulation in primary and secondary senescence Cleo Bishop Kei Cho
Understanding drug synergy and rational design of drug combinations: an integrated approach to combat antimicrobial resistance Dimitrios Evangelopoulos Teresa Cortes
Understanding the biomechanical stimuli controlling periosteal stem cells in bone homeostasis, repair and age-related disease Malcolm Logan Andrew Pitsilides
Understanding the mechano-regulation of ovarian ageing Dr Kim Jonas Dr Eileen Gentleman
Understanding the Role of Mind Bomb 1 and the Ubiquitin System in Viral Infection Ben Stieglitz Aravindan Ilangovan
Unpicking influences on goal-directed behaviour across the lifespan: a computational modelling approach Eleanor Dommett Tobias Hauser
Unraveling and capitalising on mechanisms of host tolerance against parasitic plants to improve crop performance Jonne Rodenburg Onoriode Coast
Unravelling a parasite-specific target: Chemical exploration of the druggability of a novel Schistosoma mansoni serine-threonine kinase SmSTK25 Jeannine Hess Maria R Sasi Conte
Unravelling the genetics of physiological responses to diet Max Reuter Nazif Alic
Using Artificial Intelligence to Design the Next Generation of Viral Vectors for Lifesaving Gene Therapy Prof Ahad Rahim Dr Stephen Goldrick
Using artificial selection to improve microbial community functions Wenying Shou Weini Huang
Using Causal Modelling and Machine Learning Methods to Improve Osteoarthritis Diagnosis and Prognosis: a Gait, Bone Shape and Joint Structure Assessment Yu-mei Chang Andrew Pitsillides
Using hallucinations to understand top-down processes in human vision. Tessa Dekker Jeremy I Skipper
Using spatial transcriptomics to identify novel glia-neuron interactions in the developing nervous system Vilaiwan Fernandes Steve Wilson
Viral manipulation of intracellular signalling pathways dictate cell fate and haematopoiesis Matthew Reeves Radu Zabet
Visual control of solo and group flight in birds: encoding local and global cues for agile manoeuvring. Andrea Gaede Richard Bomphrey
What can baboons tell us about the evolution of language? A multi-modal approach to intentionality and flexibility in animal communication. Sarah Papworth Alecia Carter
What lies beneath: developing a synthetic basement membrane to improve in vitro epithelial models Dr Driton Vllasaliu Dr Helena Azevedo
Who transmits infection to whom? Katherine Atkins Julian Villabona-Arenas
Wnt-bandage for bone repair Shukry James Habib Manuel Müller