Bio-electrospraying and cell electrospinning: novel tissue engineering approaches for studying regenerative biology and medicine

Suwan Jayasinghe (primary)
Mechanical Engineering
University College London
Stephen Sturzenbaum (secondary)
School of Population Health & Environmental Sciences
Kings College London


Bio-eletrospraying and cell electrospinning are two recently discovered tissue engineering approaches pioneered by the Jayasinghe laboratories. In the proposed project, these two approaches will be studied for fully understanding their associated physical and life science aspects, for developing tissues which will undergo in-vitro and in-vivo testing. Our intensions are to investigate and develop these two technologies for reconstructing a wide range of complex tissues containing multiple cell types (from skin to cardiac). Reconstructed living architectures will be tested in-vitro and subsequently undergo transfer into mice for assessing their behaviour in a more variable and real environment (non-nutrient rich surroundings). Thus, seeing these technologies develop into platform biotechnologies having implications spanning synthetic biology to our own wellbeing.


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Animal disease, health and welfare
Area of Biology
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