Cellular and mathematical models of evolution of telencephalon early fate decisions

Corinne Houart (primary)
Centre for Developmental Neurobiology
King's College London
Guillaume Salbreux (secondary)
Theoretical physics in Biology
Francis Crick Institute (UCL affiliate)


Forebrain evolution led to the emergence of a rich variety of behaviours and abilities across animal species, and has permitted the establishment of elaborate cognitive functions. One key developmental step in shaping the forebrain is the partition of the telencephalon into ventral (basal ganglia) and dorsal (cortex and hippocampus) compartments. This organisation is driven by “opposing” signalling centres. The studentship aims to understand how timing of signalling events and the interpretation of these vary from fish to human, driving species-specific regionalisation of the telencephalon. The student will use, animal model, 3D cell culture and mathematical models to achieve this goal.


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