Chemical tools for sonic injection of molecules in biological membranes

Maya Thanou (primary)
Institute of Pharmaceutical Science
Prof Nader Saffari (secondary)
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Ultrasonics Group


Acoustic nanodroplets and their Ultrasound induced cavitation is a novel tool of introducing molecules through biological membranes in a non-invasive and non-damaging method. Macromolecules can be pushed through cell membranes either through sonoporation or through the collapsing of the cavitation agent. In this project we aim to explore this phenomenon as a tool to introduce functional large molecules in and through the cells. Such tools can be used to investigate cell functions and design novel therapies with specific spatiotemporal action. The project will develop novel droplets made of functional molecules and in combination with Low frequency ultrasound will be investigated in endothelial and epithelial cell cultures


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Molecules, cells and industrial biotechnology
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