Combining biochemical, biophysical and computational studies to define intracellular mechanisms regulating cell migration and mitosis

Dr Tania Maffucci (primary)
Blizard Institute, Centre for Cell Biology and Cutaneous Research
Queen Mary University of London
Prof Francesca Ciccarelli (secondary)
Cancer Systems Biology Laboratory
King’s College London and The Francis Crick Institute


Changes of cell shape are required for several cellular functions, including cell migration and mitosis. Cytoskeletal rearrangement, mechanical forces and changes in lipids and proteins local composition and/or activation are some of the processes responsible for cell shapes remodelling. In this project, we will combine biochemical, biophysical and computational studies to determine how a group of lipids collectively known as “phosphoinositides” (PIs) contributes to regulation of these processes. Specifically, we will determine the pattern of genetic alterations of PIs-regulating enzymes that occur in human cells and their impact on cytoskeletal remodelling, mechanical forces, PIs/proteins activation/localisation during migration/mitosis.


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