Combining bioengineering and cell biology to develop novel 3D models for studying bone remodelling in health and disease.

Dr Isabel Orriss (primary)
Comparative Biomedical Sciences
Royal Veterinary College
Dr Deepak Kalasker (secondary)
UCL Division of Surgery and Interventional Sciences
University College London


Recent advances in bioengineering and 3D printing have resulted in the development of 3D bioscaffolds for tissue repair and regeneration. Additionally, these scaffolds have the potential to become an essential tool in fundamental cell biology research. At present, most studies utilise cells grown in 2D on plastic, an approach that does not accurately mimic an in vivo situation. This studentship will use a combination of biological, bioengineering and biophysical techniques to design, optimise and validate a novel 3D bone cell culture model that will be used to improve our fundamental understanding of bone biology in health and disease.


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