Combining light, enzymes and DNA: A green catalytic technology for the manufacturing of chiral sulfoxides

Stellios ARSENIYADIS (primary)
School of Biological and Chemical Sciences (SBCS)
Queen Mary University of London
Daniele Castagnolo (secondary)
Institute of Pharmaceutical Science (IPS)
King's College London


A sustainable and environmentally friendly approach combining DNA-catalysis and photocatalysis for the manufacturing of sulfoxide privileged scaffolds will be developed. Chiral sulfoxides are widely spread molecules in nature and can be found in many foods and plants. They have important dietary and therapeutic roles and are known to be potent antibacterial agents. The synthesis of sulfoxides in enantiomerically pure form still represents a challenge in chemistry. This project will investigate the use of green catalytic technologies such as DNA-catalysis and photo-biocatalysis, to allow the synthesis of chiral sulfoxide derivatives in a sustainable and environment friendly way.


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Molecules, cells and industrial biotechnology
Area of Biology
BiotechnologyChemical Biology
Techniques & Approaches