Design and development of novel bioinks for the development of in vitro tissue models for drug testing applications using 3D biofabrication process

Deepak kalaskar (primary)
UCL Division of surgery and Interventional Sciences
University College London
Dr Ryo Torii (secondary)
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University College London


The use of animal models for disease modeling and drug development are only current options to conduct preclinical studies. Animal models lack similarity and physiological complexity of human body. There is need to develop human specific in vitro tissue models which resemble complexity of human diseases and remain cost effective for large scale testing. This project aims to develop and characterise extracellular matrix analog of bioinks, which can be used for 3D biofabrication (bioprinting) process to fabricate composite tissues, which resembles human bone and cartilage tissues. This can later be used for disease modelling for osteoarthritis and thus relevant drug testing applications.


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