Determining how neuro-stromal interactions modulate intestinal matrix remodelling

Joana F Neves (primary)
Centre for Host-Microbiome Interactions
King's College London
Elieen Gentleman (secondary)
Craniofacial & Regenerative Biology
King's College London


The intestine is much more than a digestive organ as it harbours a complex multitude of cells from various compartments, such as the immune, neural, microbial, stromal, and epithelial compartments. Interactions between these cellular compartments combined with cues from their surrounding microenvironment are crucial in the maintenance of health at local and systemic levels. Using our multi-component organoid models, combined with our fully synthetic hydrogels, atomic force microscopy (AFM)-based stiffness mapping, and multiple particle tracking microrheology, we aim to characterize how neurons modulate matrix remodelling in the intestine.


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*co-senior & co-corresponding authors

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