Developing a High-throughput Single-cell Analysis Platform for Intra- and Inter-cellular Signalling in Colonic Air Liquid Interface Organoids

Christopher Tape (primary)
Umber Cheema (secondary)
Department of Ortho and MSK Science


Metazoan tissue phenotypes are emergent processes that supervene upon intercellular signalling between cells and intracellular signalling within cells. To study these processes, cell-type-specific signalling analysis of biomimetic tissue models is required. This project will develop a novel high-throughput air liquid interface (ALI) organoid platform that enables multiplexed cell-type-specific intracellular signalling (via mass cytometry) and intercellular signalling (via scRNA-Seq) analysis of cell-cell communication in tissues. We will use this technology to study how epithelial, stromal, and autologous immune cells communicate in the human colon.


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