Developing bio-electrosprays for handling and storing of gametes

Helen O Neill (primary)
Maternal and Fetal Medicine, Institute for Women's Health
University College London
Suwan Jayasinghe (secondary)
Department of Mechanical Engineering Faculty of Engineering Sciences
University College London (UCL)


We have recently shown that human sperm could be handled using bio-electrosprays (publication currently
under review). This work provides pilot data and motivation, to take advantage of this discovery for its utility
in many areas of reproductive biology and medicine most applicable to both human and animal health. In the
proposed project, we wish to thoroughly understand all aspects of bio-electrospraying human and animal
sperm, for its exploitation in assisting the cryopreservation and storage of gametes in patients with low sperm
count. These applications also extend to the agriculture arena for rare breeds. The student choosing this
project would thus be exposed to hybrid research investigating in-depth aspects of both the physical and life
sciences fields of research and development.


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