Developing combined in vitro & in silico models to study the impact of fluid flow on vascular cells in health and disease

Rebecca Shipley (primary)
Department of Mechanical Engineering/ Institute of Healthcare Engineering
Eileen Gentleman (secondary)
Centre for Craniofacial and Regenerative Biology
King's College London


During aortic aneurysm formation, the balance between matrix synthesis and degradation in the vessel wall is disrupted. Both genetic and haemodynamic factors contribute to excessive degradation; however, pathological flow-driven stress, which affects the endothelium and the underlying matrix synthesising cells, is often underestimated. This project aims to build in silico and in vitro models that mimic physiological luminal and interstitial shearing forces on vascular cells within tissue-mimicking hydrogels. By underpinning in vitro experiments with mathematical models, we aim to identify transmural shear force contributions to cell behaviour, and ultimately create disease models that can stratify patients for aneurysm risk using non-invasive imaging techniques.


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