Epidermal Autophagy assessment during skin aging and photoaging.

Dr Daniele Bergamaschi (primary)
Centre for Cell Biology and Cutaneous Research, Blizard Institute
Dr Jun Wang (secondary)
Centre for Molecular Oncology, Barts Cancer Institute
Queen Mary University of London


Autophagy is a catabolic pathway crucial for cellular homeostasis. The main functions of the epidermis is to protect the organism from UV irradiation, which induces photo-aging and increases the risk of disease formation including skin cancer. Autophagy in skin can regulate epidermal differentiation but also a novel form of cell death. However, how this signalling pathway is regulated during ski aging and photoaging process is currently unknown. By using bioinformatics tools and different aged keratinocytes models this project will characterize mechanistically the epidermal autophagy impairment upon chronic UV exposure and will define how this might contribute to skin photo-aging.


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