Exploration of efflux footprint of multidrug resistant Candida auris using a chemical biology approach.

K Miraz Rahman (primary)
Institute of Pharmaceutical Science
King's College London
Dr Barry Panaretou (secondary)
Institute of Pharmaceutical Science
King's College London


One of the key elements in the resistance of Candida species and other fungi to anti-fungals, relates to efflux, a process which expels the drug from the fungus minimising the intracellular concentration and reducing efficacy. This is a common component of both intrinsic resistance to an antifungal and a necessary first step in adaptation to resistance to a new therapy. By improving our understanding of efflux in C.auris, a yeast with a battery of highly expressed drug pumps, we hope to be able to better understand its role in clinical resistance and design improved strategies for overcoming efflux-mediated resistance in new chemical series.


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