Exploring the activation mechanisms of pentameric ligand gated ion channels (pLGICs) by atomistic simulations and single channel methods

Carla Molteni (primary)
King's College London
Lucia Sivilotti (secondary)
Division of Biosciences, Department of Neuroscience Physiology and Pharmacology
University College London


pLGICs are important neuroreceptors, embedded in neuronal membranes where they mediate fast synaptic communication. They are involved in many neurological disorders and are targets sites for drugs. However, due to their complexity and the limited structural information available, how they function at the molecular level is still far from being fully understood. In this PhD project we will focus on a specific pLGIC, the glycine receptor, with the goal to understand how the binding of glycine activates the receptor and opens its channel. We will achieve this by a unique combination of innovative computational techniques and single channel experiments.


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