How does the chromatin regulator PRC2 interact with RNA? Linking transcription with epigenetic state.

Richard Jenner (primary)
UCL Cancer Institute
Steve Gamblin (secondary)
Division of Biosciences
Francis Crick Institute / UCL


Polycomb repressive complex 2 (PRC2) modifies chromatin to maintain genes for other cell types in a repressed state. Loss of PRC2 function causes developmental defects, immunosuppression and cancer. We have previously shown that interaction with RNA prevents PRC2 from associating with chromatin, thereby allowing eviction of PRC2 and activation of repressed genes. How PRC2 interacts with RNA, and why this blocks its interaction with chromatin, are unknown. The aim of this project is to combine genomics, cell biology, and biophysical techniques to reveal how PRC2 binds RNA and to determine the importance if this interaction for cell identity.


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