Identifying the effect of altered inflammatory status on parvalbumin interneuron development

Helen Stolp (primary)
Comparative Biomedical Sciences
Royal Veterinary College, London
Dong Xia (secondary)
Comparative Biomedical Sciences
Royal Veterinary College


Parvalbumin (PV)-expressing interneurons are a neuronal subtype that regulate cortical pyramidal cell output. Deficits in these neurons are implicated in neurodevelopmental disorders and have been found following inflammatory injury in early life. PV interneurons appear to be more susceptible to inflammatory injury than co-developing somatostatin (SST)-expressing interneurons, suggesting that the response is intrinsically regulated. It is currently unclear how inflammation alters PV interneuron development and brain function. This study will use a combination of single-cell RNASeq and bioinformatics analysis and morphological assessments to map the molecular and structural changes in PV interneuron development as a result of inflammation.


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