Imaging Cardiac Function with Manganese

Daniel Stuckey (primary)
centre for advanced biomedical imaging
Richard Southworth (secondary)
Imaging Chemistry & Biology


Calcium is integral to cardiomyocyte contraction. Alterations to calcium uptake and handling are present in many cardiomyopathies. Hence, a method that can quantify calcium within live cells, animals and patients would give valuable information on cardiac physiology and pathology.

Manganese is a Calcium analogue which enters contractile cardiomyocytes through Calcium channels. Mn2+ levels can be quantified using magnetic resonance imaging-(MRI) and positron emission tomography-(PET) allowing interrogating cardiac function in living systems.

This project will develop new Mn2+-based imaging approaches and test their sensitivity to changes in Ca2+-handling within cultured cells and live mouse hearts using state-of-the-art in-vitro analysis and in-vivo imaging.


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