Integrity of the epidermal Autophagy pathway upon UV exposure and aging

Daniele Bergamaschi (primary)
Blizard Institute. Centre for Cell Biology and Cutaneous Research
QMUL (School of Medicine and Dentistry)
Wei-Li Di (secondary)
Infection, Immunity and Inflammation Programme, Immunobiology Section


This proposal aims to assess the impact of UV exposure and aging on epidermal autophagy signalling pathway. Autophagy is a catabolic pathway crucial for cellular homeostasis. One of the main functions of the epidermis is to protect the organism from UV irradiation, which among other effects induce photo-aging and also increases the risk of disease formation including skin cancer. It is currently unknown how the autophagy in the epidermis is regulated with aging. This project will establish the mechanism affecting epidermal autophagy impairment upon chronic UV exposure and will define how this might contribute to skin photo-aging.


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