Interplay between the gut microbiome and nutrient/food co-occurrence(interaction), and their impact on systemic inflammation

Mario Falchi (primary)
Twin Research and Genetic Epidemiology
King’s College London
Sarah Berry (secondary)
Nutritional Sciences
King’s College London


While most research on the interplay between microbiome and diet focusses on single foods/macronutrients, the combination/separation of nutrients plays a major role in absorption and bioavailability. Their effect on health is then determined by production of microbial metabolites, determined by (and determining) microbial community composition. Taking advantage of detailed daily diet intake in approx. 2000 subjects from TwinsUK and PREDICT, together with metagenomics and gut metabolomics data, and assessment of systemic inflammation through blood metabolomics, glycomics, and inflammatory cytokines, this research is uniquely-placed to investigate the interplay between gut microbiome and nutrient/food co-occurrence, and their impact on systemic inflammation.


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Plants, microbes, food and sustainability
Area of Biology
Techniques & Approaches
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