Isoprenoids and their role in the development of climate resilient crops (Acronym: IsoRes).

Professor Paul David Fraser (primary)
School Biological Sciences
Royal Holloway University of London
Maruthi M N Gowda (secondary)
University of Greenwich


In order to feed the global population by 2050, a 70% increase in food production is required. To meet these demands, our future food systems need to be resilient to erratic environmental fluctuations, arising from climate change, and global pandemics. Isoprenoid compounds represent the largest classes of natural products known. They are compounds of high value with multiple industrial uses. It has become evident that isoprenoids are important in enabling crop plants to tolerate biotic and abiotic stresses. In the present project we will elucidate how isoprenoids confer resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses at a molecular and biochemical level.


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Plants, microbes, food and sustainability
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