Modelling the tissue-specific signalling of the ROCO-protein family

Claudia Manzoni (primary)
UCL School of Pharmacy
Patrick Lewis (secondary)
Comparative biomedical sciences
Royal Veterinary College


The goal of this project is to set up a framework where the study of complex signalling events (classically investigated by cell biology) can be supported by an in-silico approach in a time and cost-effective fashion. We will generate an in-silico model to investigate tissue-specific functions of signalling proteins. In particular the ROCO proteins (LRRK1, LRRK2, DAPK1 and MASL1). During the project the student will develop both advanced systems biology knowledge (i.e. bioinformatics, protein-interaction and gene co-expression network analysis) and molecular/biochemical skills focused on protein production/handling and proteo-array analysis.


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