New dimensions in organoid development: Correlating functional and structural development with stem cell dynamics through direct Raman biochemical imaging.

Geraint Thomas (primary)
Cell & Developmental Biology
Vivian Li (secondary)
Stem Cell and Cancer Biology laboratory
The Francis Crick Institute


The problem we wish to solve is how to track cells progressing through stem, proliferative and terminally differentiated [functional] states in tissues when few if any viable antibodies or genetic markers are available. We wish to make future studies of this sort “label-free”. Cutting edge approaches in developmental biology and Raman chemical imaging will be combined to study formation of complex tissues. You will create techniques to interrogate the biochemical composition of cells directly and assign their subtypes in intestinal crypt experimental models. These orthogonal techniques will address barriers in the field arising from sparsity of antibodies and genetic markers that unambiguously assign cell types and lineages.


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