Pattern separation in the cerebellum

Robin Angus Silver (primary)
Neuroscience, Physiology and Pharmacology
University College London
Michael Hausser (secondary)
Wolfson Institute for Brain Reaseach
University College London


The cerebellum plays key roles in coordinating movements and predicting its consequences. Remarkably, the cerebellar cortex accounts for more than half of all the neurons in the vertebrate brain. The large neuronal expansion in input layer has been investigated in numerous theoretical studies, which predict that it separates sensorimotor activity patterns by projecting them into higher dimensional representations that are faster to learn, thereby improving performance. However, these theories have not been experimentally tested. This project will use 3D two-photon imaging, optogenetics and statistical analysis of high dimensional datasets to directly test the specific predictions of cerebellar pattern separation theories.


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Animal disease, health and welfare
Area of Biology
Techniques & Approaches
Mathematics / StatisticsMicroscopy / ElectrophysiologySimulation / Modelling