Rewiring of cellular energy metabolism during evolution and in the laboratory

Jürg Bähler (primary)
Institute of Healthy Ageing, Dept. of Genetics, Evolution & Environments
Snezhana Oliferenko (secondary)
Randall Centre, FoLSM
King’s College London (on secondment to the Francis Crick Institute)


Energy metabolism is fundamental to life. We want to understand how energy metabolism adapts to different lifestyles, and how its key processes can be altered. We work with two species of yeast that differ in their energy metabolism, with one yeast being capable of growing without respiration and oxygen. The student will 1) dissect the genetic and physiological characteristics determining these striking metabolic differences, and 2) genetically edit yeast cells in order to rewire their energy metabolism. This research will provide unique insights into metabolic changes occurring during ageing and associated diseases as well as potential biotechnological applications.


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