Smart microcapsules through controlled macromolecular coating

Dr Andrew Surman (AJS) (primary)
King's College, London
Dr Ali Salehi-Reyhani (ASR) (secondary)
King's College, London


New approaches to control molecular ingress/egress from capsules in microfluidic devices (making them ‘smart’) offers the potential to develop new highly selective tools for biochemical analysis/manipulation. Initial reports of polymer-coating microcapsules show selective permeability can be achieved, but were limited the by range of polymers which are commercially-availability.

In this interdisciplinary project we will synthesise new polymeric coatings (Synthetic Chemistry), characterize their ability to coat gel microcapsules and selectively control permeability (Supramolecular Chemistry), incorporate production/manipulation of these into microfluidic devices (Engineering), and explore development of new microfluidics tools for bioanalysis & manipulation (Biotech/Bioanalysis; in collaboration with an industrial partner).


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Molecules, cells and industrial biotechnology
Area of Biology
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