Systemic evaluation of MYC dependent mitochondrial activity

Gyorgy Szabadkai (primary)
Department of Cell Developmental Biology
University College London
Mariia Yuneva (secondary)
Oncogenes and Tumour Metabolism Laboratory
The Francis Crick Institute


Myc master regulates a large fraction of the genome, but also has tight control on cell function and fate via effecting essential metabolic pathways. Mitochondria harbour several other essential pathways, recently classified in seven large functional groups. Whether these essential pathways are controlled by Myc, has not been established, and the main objective of the project, which will use genetic Myc models for (i) gathering, processing and modelling data covering the transcriptome, metabolome, flux analysis, lipidome. These data will be combined with (ii) advanced in vivo tumour tissue imaging to determine mitochondrial morphology and function with a range of assays.


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