The design of a microfluidic-molecular communication system for closed-loop therapeutic drug monitoring: applying communication to drug delivery.

Yansha Deng (primary)
King's College London
Prof Khuloud Al-Jamal (secondary)
Institute of Pharmaceutical Science
King’s College London


Targeted drug delivery is one main application of molecular communication (MC), where the information is exchanged via biochemical signals among naturally and artificially synthesised system. To enable drug uptake at the right rate and location with minimal undesired side effects, closed-loop autonomous diagnosis and monitoring system is an urgent need. Yansha’s Lab has previously designed a microfluidic feed forward-loop-pulse-generator to achieve signal processing capability via chemical circuits for the modulation of molecular communication. The current proposal bridges Yansha’ lab’s expertise in microfluidic MC blocks design with Al-Jamal’s lab’ expertise in drug delivery, monitoring and therapy, aiming at designing self-processing microfluidic MC system to realize automatic drug delivery control on cancer on the chip. The outcome is a platform for a future device to be used by cancer patients as personalized medicines.


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