The use of ene reductases to generate chiral fluorinated compounds and applications in enzymatic cascades

Helen Hailes [HCH] (primary)
John Ward [JMW] (secondary)
Biochemical Engineering


This project aims to use ene-reductase [ER] enzymes as a sustainable biotechnology-based approach to produce enantioenriched compounds containing C-F bonds. The fluorine atom can block metabolism sites and affect the molecular shape of bioactive compounds through conformational interactions of the polar C-F bond and so are of significant interest in pharmaceutical applications. We will establish the scope of the bioreduction of activated fluoroalkenes and thus discover efficient enzyme-based systems to produce this important class of compounds. This strategy will provide a new and scalable route to enantioenriched fluoroalkanes and by building multienzyme cascades will generate compounds including chiral fluoroamines and fluoroalcohols.


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