Uncovering assembly principles of a multiprotein microcompartment for biotechnology and biomedicine applications.

Stefanie Frank (primary)
Department of Biochemical Engineering
Renos Savva (secondary)
Department of Biological Sciences
Birkbeck (ISMB)


The primary project driver is the nature-inspired design and construction of synthetic protein compartments, based on naturally existing bacterial organelles, as novel systems for biotechnology applications. Key to de novo design is (1) in-depth understanding of how natural multiprotein complexes are assembled and functionally diversified, (2) robust self-assembly and protein encapsulation, and (3) modularity of the components. We will build on our expertise in generating recombinant versions of well-studied bacterial microcompartments to assemble and obtain structural-functional understanding of a recently discovered BMC to address (1) and expand our toolbox for the engineering of synthetic BMCs with desired properties for (2)(3).


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