Use of zebrafish to study Shigella sonnei strain diversity and evolution

Prof Serge Mostowy (primary)
Department of Infection Biology
Prof Kathryn Holt (secondary)
Department of Infection Biology


Shigella sonnei is an intracellular pathogen and the dominant cause of shigellosis globally. Zebrafish is a well-established model system to study host-pathogen interactions in vivo, and the Mostowy lab has recently shown it as valuable to study the pathogenesis and evolution of Shigella species. This project will use the Shigella-zebrafish infection model to investigate in vivo evolutionary phenomena indicated by recent genomics studies of S. sonnei from the Holt lab, including lineage-specific differences in host-pathogen interactions; functional effects of transposase activity (which interrupt some genes and up-regulate others); and in vivo fitness costs of AMR mechanisms in different strain backgrounds.


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